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We are fortunate at Adventures in Scifi Publishing to serve a dedicated, international audience of science fiction and fantasy superfans. These are folks who live and breathe science fiction and fantasy as a part of their daily routine – folks who intentionally seek out genre related content.

If you have a product or service that would appeal to science fiction and fantasy fans, sponsoring the podcast is a cost effective and highly targeted venue for you to reach your intended audience.

Advantages of Sponsoring Our Podcast

  • All sponsorships are permanent and remain in the episodes as long as the podcast exists. With nine years of production under our belts, we’re not going anywhere! This means that listeners will learn about your product for years to come.
  • A target audience already interested in your product based on their interest in our show;
  • Association with our social media efforts, giving you additional exposure;

Email adventuresinscifipublishing [at] gmail [dot]com for details.

Sponsor multiple episodes depending on the level of presence you seek – repetition is key to building top of mind awareness.

What You Get for Your Sponsorship

  • A 30-60 second promo plus mention in the intro of the podcast, and an image, description and link in the post.
  • Featured hyperlinks and images on the AISFP homepage;
  • Featured hyperlinks and images (tier level depending) on our email newsletter, AISFP Wormhole;
  • Hyperlinks and mentions via our social media sites;
  • Repeat advertising to SF readers who need to know about your product;
  • Promotion that will be heard for years to come, unlike traditional radio advertising;

How to Know if We Are Right for You:

Take a look at some of our past and current sponsors:

  • Locus Magazine, winner of more than 25 Hugo Awards;
  • Clarkesworld Magazine, winner of two Hugo Awards;
  • SPELLWRIGHT, a fantasy novel by Blake Charlton, published by Tor Books;
  • DARK VICTORY, by Michele Lang, published by Tor Books;
  • BRIGHT OF THE SKY, a science fiction novel by Kay Kenyon; published by Pyr SF;
  • SIDEWAYS IN CRIME, an anthology edited by Lou Anders’
  • THE SILVER SHIP AND THE SEA and MAYAN DECEMBER, science fiction and fantasy by Brenda Cooper;
  • BLACK HALO, a fantasy novel by Sam Sykes;
  • THE BLACK GOD’S WAR, a fantasy novel by Moses Siregar III

To learn more about advertising with Adventures in Scifi Publishing, and to receive pricing information, please email Brent Bowen at adventuresinscifipublishing (at) gmail (dot) com. Thank you.