AISFP 13 – Kim Stanley Robinson and Maryelizabeth Hart in an extra-special, super long episode!

This show is a big one folks! Since I’m going out of town next week and won’t have a new show for at least 2 weeks, episode 13 is crammed with scifi publishing goodness. First, SF author Kim Stanley Robinson reads from and discusses his new book. Then, Maryelizabeth Hart, co-owner of Mysterious Galaxy, chats with us and drops some knowledge.

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Need to start at the beginning? Check out the first two books, and another related Robinson title:

Show Notes:
– Wow, this show is long, and here’s the reason why . . . Kim Stanley Robinson reads three sections of his new novel.
– L.E. Modesitt Jr. thinks I’m nice. Ahhh.
– Stan talks about his book and answers a few questions about the World Bank and Michael Crichton.
– Maryelizabeth Hart gives us the inside scoop on small business, especially independent bookstores. Check out Booksense to learn more.
The Silk Code continues to do very well. Check it out at

That’s it for me. See you in a few weeks. But before I go, a blooper!

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  1. ooh great, it’s finally here! I’ve actually been waiting for this new episod lol! sounds like a lot of goodies packed in there… am going to go listen to it right away!

    also, I keep forgetting to mention how much I’m really enjoying the Silk Code (I especially like the second part with Gwellyn and the singers… very original)

    keep up the great work!

  2. Shaun Farrell says

    Thanks, Roxane. I hope the wait for worth it. I think you’ll think so! And thanks so much about The Silk Code. Send your questions and comments to my email or at, and I’ll get your thoughts in the bonus episode of the novel.

  3. Oops, forgot to come back and comment… so I *did* listen to the show and I *did* think it was worth the wair.
    I’m not too familiar with Kim Stanley Robinson’s work… I think I’ve got one of his books at home (The Years of Rice and Salt) but haven’t read it yet… and to be honest, don’t know when I’ll be able to. I’ve got to stop buying books, but even if I stopped now, it’d still take me years to read all that’s packed on my shelves!!!
    Anyway, I really really enjoyed Maryelizabeth Hart’s interview, she sounded like a very nice person, in addition to stating very interesting facts. I learned a great deal. Thanks.

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