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Tonight I had the pleasure to finally meet author, blogger, podcaster, academic, business man, scifi geek, and all around nice guy Cory Doctorow. I’ve heard Cory many times through his fiction podcast and through the Boing Boing podcast, but I was a little nervous to meet him. After all, when you are used to hearing someone’s voice, you build an image of what that person is like, and if he or she turns out to be jerk, well, that just sucks!

Luckily, Cory was just as nice as I hoped he would be. When he found out I was a podcaster, he volunteered to record a bumper (rejoiner?) for me. I told him I was recording The Silk Code for release through, and his eyes lit up. Turns out he really loves Paul’s novel, so he was really excited to record the introduction for Episode 18. He called the book “magnificent.”

Hopefully I’ll have more time to talk with Cory this summer. Normally I don’t talk about my writing life or writing goals. I’m not one of those writers who is kind enough to chronicle his failures (i.e., endless rejections) for the public, though I certainly respect and appreciate authors who do, but I’ve decided to announce that I have applied for the Clarion Workshop. Cory will be one of the instructors this year, and it would be great to learn from him. He is so much smarter than me, and I could learn a lot by listening to what he has to say.

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  1. Fran Friel says

    Shaun – You live one exciting literary life, my friend. CD…I’d love to meet him.

    And good luck with your Clarion application. I have my fingers crossed for you. I’ve been considering taking that plunge myself. I wish the east coast Clarion was still available, but Washington is a lovely state.

    I hope all is well with you. Congrats on the continuing Pod success. Pod People are some of my dearest friends. 😉

    Hugs from CT,

  2. The Silk Code says

    Hi Fran. Thanks for dropping by. Nice to see you here as well as myspace!

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