AISFP 24 – Tobias Buckell and Lou Anders

We are back with a packed episode! Miss us, everyone? Tobias Buckell drops by to discuss his new book, Ragamuffin, a sort-of sequel to Crystal Rain. And then Lou Anders talks with us about what new writers can do to create success.

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Show Notes:
– My thanks to everyone who wished me and my wife well with the baby. Your kinds words go a long way.
– Publishing News: The Espresso Book Machine, by On Demand Books, has been installed in one of New York’s libraries. What will this mean for writers and consumers? Can these machines change the way publishers do business?
– Promo for The Future and You, one of my favorite podcasts. If you haven’t checked it out, why the heck not! Searching for it in iTunes is the easiest way to subscribe.
– Tobias S. Buckell talks Ragamuffin, Crystal Rain, space opera and the many authors he enjoys reading.
– Sam and I discuss space opera a bit more.
– Lou Anders of Pyr Books answers the loaded question: what do new writers need to do to succeed?
– Voicemail from Chris. Welcome to the Adventures, Chris. Email from Autumn with a nice twist to an old question. Good stuff. And Sam sings praises to Warren Ellis.

We hope to be back on a weekly schedule from here on out. Lots to cover this summer. Remember, if you like the show, tell a friend (tell 10 friends!) and write us a review in iTunes.

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  1. Scott M. Sandridge says

    I met Tobias at MARCon last month. He’s a pretty cool dude.

    Definately be listening to this episode today.

  2. Shaun Farrell says

    Cool, Scott. And thanks for happy wishes on the comments of episode 23.

  3. Blue Tyson says

    Sean Williams is good, no doubt. (new space book Saturn Returns just out recently).

    He does have a young adult friendly fantasy series as well, the Books of the Change. These are good, too, and normally I don’t care for the stuff written with kids in mind, but this is done well – not the simplistic double spaced and dumbed down sort of thing.

    These are also related to the Books of the Cataclysm. When that suddenly happened partway through the second series it surprised me.

    The other thing is, those books are more like 400-500 pages (Cataclysm), as opposed to the 700 or even 900 page monsters you were talking about. I’m with him on those. The other series is 3 books, but considerably shorter not surprisingly.

    Maybe people that like short stories will get sick of those faster, monster books that is, I dunno.

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