AISFP 25 – Walter H. Hunt

In this shiny episode of Adventures in Scifi Publishing Walter H. Hunt talks about war, space opera and the process of publishing. Then we present our first segment of Ask a Writer, featuring Tobias S. Buckell. Welcome to the show, Toby!

Show Notes:
– Publishing News: Hachette Book Group USA launches Orbit, their new SF imprint in the United States. Sam shares some of the titles that will grace this new line, including Kevin J. Anderson’s Metal Swarm. Shaun ponders what this new line will carry as they pursue their mission “to publish the most exciting Science Fiction and Fantasy for the widest buy gabapentin 600 mg possible readership.”

– Interview with Walter H. Hunt. Thanks for coming on the show, Walter. It was a blast having you on, and here’s to another interview when the new book hits bookstores. Please visit Walter’s website to learn more about him, and don’t forget about his blog.

The first segment of Ask a Writer, featuring our new cast member, Tobias S. Buckell. The first question comes from Larry Ketchersid, author of Dusk Before the Dawn. Also see him on myspace.

That’s it for this one. Please share your thoughts regarding traditional publishing, self-publishing and everything between.

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  1. Thanks so much for playing my promo for Geek Cred. I really appreciate it!
    -Steve Riekeberg

  2. Poppak says

    Shaun, Sam, Toby, thanks for taking my question for the inaugural “Ask a Writer” segment. Toby has obviously thought this question through in many perspectives and in great detail, it was an excellent answer.

    I’ll keep listening (and am off to read Toby’s books!).

    Larry (

  3. Shaun Farrell says

    My pleasure, Steve!

    Thanks for sending in the first question, Larry. It was a good one.

  4. shaun, its not available yet on itunes.

    ps. toby is doing what speculative fiction really needs…actual diversity of perspective and culture.

    liz williams is also incredible and ricardo pinto as well from the younger set of writers.

  5. Shaun Farrell says

    iTunes sometimes takes up to 2 days to show a new episode, but it’s showing now.

    And I agree completely about Toby’s work. SF is very much a white club, and it would be great to change that. As long as they still let me in. 🙂

  6. Hey shaun, i want to say this was a great episode. Mr Hunt and Toby were excellent.

    Hunt touches on the fact that military fiction has had the reputation of glorifying war and less savory personal political views(read: john ringo here). Why cant it be more then just war-pornography, indeed? Maybe this is a area more people should write in this sub-genre.

  7. Blue Tyson says

    Matthew Reilly self published before featuring in airports everywhere too, btw.

  8. Shaun Farrell says

    Raul, you may want to check out Walter’s books. They may be the flavor of military SF you’re looking for.

  9. Walter says

    Thanks for the comment, Raul – hope you do check out the books.

    I’m pretty sure I don’t agree with everyone who expresses an opinion in my stories. I certainly don’t see eye to eye with John Ringo, though I defer to him as one who actually served his country in the military, which I did not (and which deserves some respect).

    I do think there’s more to military SF than exploding spaceships and conservative philosophy, and I hope my writing reflects that.


  10. Brooklyn Frank says

    Jeff Somers is a great writer. I’ve enjoyed his past stuff, and look forward to reading TEC. Hope it lives up to his reputation.


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