AISFP 26 – Tate Hallaway and Lou Anders

Episode 26 features Tate Hallaway, also known as Lyda Morehouse, author of Dead Sexy. She talks about her work, the use of pseudonyms, and how to form critique groups. Then Lou Anders joins us to discuss the plight of science fiction sales. Are sales really dropping, or is the genre a victim of its own success? Finally, Tobias Buckell answers a listener’s question.

Show Notes:
– Check out the new intro. What do you all think?
– Shaun, working alone this week, starts things off by whining about celebrity hypocrisy.
– Publishing News: DailyLit promises to send books to your cellphone, but what happened to the science fiction offerings? Don’t they know that we are early adapters?! Story found at Publishers Weekly.
– Interview: Tate Hallaway talks books, marketing, writing under a different name, and so much more.
– Kilroy 2.0 is everywhere. Do you comply?
– Lou Anders of Pyr Books talks about SF sales.
– Now is your chance to ask an editor a question! Given the success of Toby’s Ask a Writer column, we’ve decided to open up From the Editor’s Desk to listeners as well. If you have a question about publishing that you would like to ask to an editor, please email it in or call the voicemail. Both can be found under the AISFP icon.
Ask a Writer – Tobias Buckell answers a question about time management.
– Voicemail from Autumn. Thanks for the love, Autumn!

That’s it for this week. Thanks for listening. As always, if you like the show, please email a friend the URL of this website, talk us up at work and write us a review in iTunes. Take care, and see you next week.

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  1. Hey!

    This was a great show…had a bunch of everything and everything was good! Only thing i missed was sam’s dry humor.

    Hey, i have a question for toby for universe creation: Did he think of the crystal rain story itself first or did he think of the back story of the larger universe its set in? And what would you suggest is a solid method of trying to create a larger ‘worldscape’ to then base stories in.

    Also I want to say that the commentary from Lou Anders has been invaluable to myself. thank you.

  2. Shaun Farrell says

    Thanks, Raul. I’ll make sure your question gets to Toby, and look forward to more from Lou and other editors.

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