AISFP 27 – Sarah Beth Durst

In Episode 27 we talk with Sarah buy neurontin no prescription Beth Durst, author of Into the Wild. She discusses fairy tales, her journey to become a writer, and why she prefers fantasy to realistic fiction. Also, Tobias Buckell returns with another segment of Ask a Writer.

Show Notes:
Comic-Con approaches, and we talk about it. A lot.
– Interview with Sarah Beth Durst
– Tobias Buckell answers another question in Ask a Writer, this one dealing with short stories vs. novels.
– No voicemail this week, but did get a nice email from Orbit telling us about Kevin J. Anderson’s new series, the Terra Incognita Trilogy.

We’ll be back after Comic-Con with lots of great stuff.

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  1. You know, i will get to comic-con before i die…i went to the last gencon(before the spilt and different venues) in Milwaukee and that was gaming nerd heaven…Now the other part of my nerd soul needs comic-con.

    Actually shawn; i think a brief subject could be about different sci-fi publishing related conventions. You and sam(and guests) can have some open chats about different ones and also the writing programs like Odyssey and Clarion would make good topics too.

    another good one, have fun for me at comic-con!

  2. Shaun Farrell says

    More convention news coming! I’ll be at one in September. And hopefully more later on.

  3. Good idea about Clarion and Odyssey, Raul! Clarion has actually relocated to our home town and they are doing special signings with the instructors at my store (lucky me!) 😉 It’s been wonderful to have them in San Diego.

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