AISFP 31 – Jon Armstrong

A new episode at last! In this show we present an interview with Jon Armstrong, author of Grey. We also have a book review from Sam and another installment of Ask a Writer

Order Grey and the Hugo Nominees:

Show Notes
– Publishing News: WorldCon, hosted in Japan this year, is in full swing. We talk about the Best Novel nominees, and about how Asimov’s is dominating the short fiction scene.
– Interview with Jon Armstrong. Also make sure to check out his podcast of Grey
– Sam’s Book Review. She discusses Wicked Lovely, and you can get your signed copy from Mysterious Galaxy.
Ask a Writer: Tobias Buckell talks about short story submission strategies.

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Thanks for listening, and we’ll see you soon with interviews from the Writers of the Future Award Ceremonies.

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  1. a book is certainly worth its proper cover…that may seem shallow, but for writers its important to know that its absolutelty true that drawing attention to a novel is victory number one in getting the reader.

    Its a unfair reality that the two things a writer usually has little power over is the two things a casual reader will need to be attracted to any book: The cover art-design and the back blurb(usually written by editor’s or interns).

  2. Re. Sean’s comments about the Hugos: There’s no Hugo judging panel. Hugo nominations are open to current Worldcon members and members of the previous one, while only current Worldcon members can vote on the final ballot.

    Taking that into account, then, IMHO there’s no mystery about Asimov’s having a lot of stories on the final ballot. More subscribers = more exposure = probably more eligible nominators & voters have read the stories.

    Info on winners (Asimov’s swept the short fiction categories) and a breakdown of nominations & the final ballot are at the official Hugo Awards site.

  3. Blue Tyson says

    I thought Rainbow’s End was pretty average, and would have picked Blindsight just over Glasshouse (and haven’t read Flynn’s).

  4. Tried listening to this one in the car, at home, and with headphones…alas, the audio from Jon Armstrong seemed “muddy” to me.

    As for the novels that had been nominated…a tough group. I re-read Vinge recently and was more impressed the second time around than the first. I wish he’d come out with another one in the Blabber/Fire Upon the Deep/A Deepness in the Sky set of books and stories.

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