AISFP 43 – Jeff Vandermeer

Jeff Vandermeer joins us to discuss his new novella, The Situation. Also, Tobias Buckell returns with Ask a Writer, and we present our first Magazine Spotlight with publisher Neil Clarke.

The Situation, from PS Publishing

Show Notes:
– Sam and I take a moment to reflect.
– Jeff Vandermeer discusses his work, the pitfalls of office work, and politics, among other things.
– Kat Richardson says hi.
– Magazine Spotlight: Neil Clarke joins us to discuss Clarkesworld Magazine
Ask a Writer: Tobias Buckell talks about deciding whether or not a story is a novel or something shorter.
Listener feedback: Terry Goodkind stirred the pot, and we love it! Also, Kory gives Sam a run for her money! We still need your listener created content. Book reviews and convention reports are welcome. You can call them into the voicemail or record an mp3 on your computer.

That’s all for now. Thanks for listening. Episode 42 set a record with most downloads in its first two weeks with 2,700. That’s awesome! Keep spreading the word and writing those iTunes reviews. You guys are taking this show to new heights!

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  1. Thanks Shaun and Sam, and for the advice Tobias. I _am_ packing too much in. I like big settings; unreliable narrators and intertextual allusions too. I can’t pull that off in short form yet. Good advice on considering the short story an arrow, focus it on one thing. Like saying, “watch me do a backflip,” instead of putting on a dog and pony show. It seems to me it would serve my apprenticeship better to learn the short form than to launch into novelry early. Thanks again for the insights.

    Jonathan Rock

  2. Greg van Eekhout says

    Great show, Shaun and Sam. But as part of my campaign to fill everyone’s head with as much 70’s trivia as is lodged in mine, I can’t help but point you to the Mean Joe Green commercial Jeff VanderMeer referred to:

    Mean Joe Green Coke ad

  3. Shaun Farrell says

    Thanks, Greg. Now that I see the ad, I do remember. Ah, the memories. . .

  4. Does anyone have a clip of the Predator Mean Joe Green moment?

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