AISFP 52 – Matt Wallace and Mur Lafferty

In what should be the last episode without the intrepid Sam, popular podcast novelists Matt Wallace and Mur Lafferty stop by to discuss their recent book deals. For anyone interested in how self-publishing via podcasting can open doors into traditional publishing, this episode is a must listen!

Show Notes
– Sam will be back next time. I would promise, but life is unpredictable. I am 99% sure.
– Matt Wallace joins us to discuss The Next Fix, published by Apex Publications, his background as a wrestler, violence in his fiction, media tie-ins, and his many, many podcasting projects. This guy does it all, and more.
– Mur Lafferty also joins us in this double-header lineup of podcasting goodness. She breaks down the details behind her first book deal for Playing For Keeps, published by Swarm Press. We also delve into the small press vs. big press debate, the power of podcasting fiction, her new gig with Suicide Girls, and a new podcast, The Takeover, debuting June 4th.
– An equally snazzy promo from Playing for Keeps

That’s it for this episode. See you soon, and remember that our groundbreaking summer lineup kicks off in just three weeks! Clarion, Comic-Con, Writers of the Future, Conjecture: watch out – you’re on Shaun’s radar.

Promo: Sideways in Crime
Promo: The Next Fix

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