AISFP 61 – Ray Bradbury’s Chrysalis and Brenda Cooper

I sat down with director Roger Lay Jr., editor Cheyenne Pesko, and actor Cory Landis to discuss their new film based on the Ray Bradbury short story, Chrysalis. Brenda Cooper also joins us, and we present a review of Greg Bear’s City at the End of Time.

Show Notes:

After an exciting summer, our Keys to Publishing contest has come to a close. We received tons of entries, and our sincere thanks to everyone for listening and participating. And the winners are:

First Place: Brent from Overland Park, Kansas. Brent has won 5 books: Infoquake and Multireal, by David Louise Edelman; Bright of the Sky and A World Too Near, by Kay Kenyon; The Coming Convergence, by Stanley Schmidt.

Second Place: Brad from Nashville, Tennessee. Brad wins Sean William’s epic fantasy trilogy: The Crooked Letter, The Blood Debt, and The Hanging Mountains;  Feminist Philosophy in Science Fiction.

Third Place: Whit from Austin, Texas. Whit will receive Escapement and Mainspring, by Jay Lake; Beyond A.I.

Fourth Place: Terry from League City, Texas. Terry will receive Crystal Rain and Ragamuffin by Tobias Buckell.

Fifth Place: Samuel from Toledo, OH. Samuel will receive The Silver Ship and the Sea and Reading the Wind by Brenda Cooper.

The main interview for this episode features Roger Lay Jr., Cheyenne Pesko, and Cory Landis of the upcoming Ray Bradbury inspired film, Chrysalis. They talk about the adaptation process, filming, working with Mr. Bradbury, and share some funny stories from the set.

Brenda Cooper also joins us to discuss working with Larry Niven, writing after an eighteen year hiatus, and her four book series from Tor.

Catharine Cheek then presents her review of Greg Bear’s City at the End of Time. That’s it for this episode. We’ll see you next time with Sean Williams, author of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed.

Shaun and Roger Lay Jr.

Promo: Reading the Wind, by Brenda Cooper
Promo: Bones Burnt Black, by Stephen Euin Cobb

Links: Chrysalis
Ray Bradbury
Greg Bear

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