AISFP 73 – David J. Williams

David J. Williams, author of The Mirrored Heavens, joins us to discuss space elevators, internet warfare, and, for you aspiring writers, how to approach an agent.

Editorial: In my first editorial, I discuss the closing of Realms of Fantasy. Fantasy and Science Fiction is shrinking their production schedule, and all of this leads me to question the viability of print magazines. Not short fiction, but print magazines in general. How long will they last in their current form? Are Weird Tales and Fantasy Magazine leading the way towards new, digital business models? Join the “Save Realms of Fantasy” campaigns on Livejournal and Facebook!

Feedback: Chris tells us how the show has inspired him to write everyday, Emilio chimes in with more humor, and Gail picks her favorite guest of 2008. I also explain the fuctionality of this website (namely, you much use on the Category section to access the archive).

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  1. When I read and reviewed Mirrored Heavens last year, I absolutely devoured it. I read fast, and can be coaxed by an author’s pacing to accelerate. That and the present tense voice rushed me to the end of the novel before I’d absorbed all that much. Basically, the biggest praise for the book is that it redefines fast paced. The praise I have for the author is 2 fold. His blog is spectacular. I don’t always agree with him, but now that I know about his history background, I understand how he’s so good at pulling together such insightful posts.

    The last bit I want to say about the David J. Williams, is that he left me aching for more, so much so, that I felt empty, like I’d missed a lot after my reading of Mirrored Heavens. But the silver lining is this. I don’t think I’ve anticipated ANY book as much as I anticipate The Burning Skies. I can’t wait to read this, and if I can’t get a review copy before then, I’ll be grabbing one the day it’s released.

    Thanks Shaun for another great interview.

  2. It appears that Realms of Fantasy did not close due to unprofitability. It was profitable in everyone of its 15 years. We may hear some good news by March … its return seems likely judging from this article:


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