AISFP 76 – David Louis Edelman

David Louis Edelman, author of the science fiction novels Infoquake and Multireal, joins us to discuss his writing. If you haven’t read Infoquake, you really should.

After David’s wonderful an interview, a tough announcement: after much consideration, AISFP is going on an indefinite hiatus. There will be at least one more interview forthcoming in future weeks, perhaps two or three, but then production will likely shut down for the remainder of the year. There is a chance that we can provide a rare episode every few months, but we can make no promises that regular production will resume until 2010.

Thank you, all, for your support of this show. We look forward to coming back into your lives next year, and we hope that your support will still be viabrant and strong.

In the meantime, if you want a podcast to replace AISFP in your listening schedule, we recommend The Agony Column by host Rick Kleffel.

Thanks for listening. It’s been our great honor and joy to serve you for the last thirty months.

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  1. Sorry that you are not going to be podcasting anymore. I only discovered your podcast a few months ago and just caught up to the newest episodes this month. Your interviews have been interesting and helpful. You and Sam also had a great dynamic. I have learned so much from listening to your show. Thanks! Hopefully, you will be able to work everything out and come back to podcasting. Good Luck!


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