AISFP 84 – Mark Chadbourn and Feedback

After a small delay in production, we are back with an amazing interview with the talented and gracious Mark Chadbourn. Mark is the author of numerous novels, including the upcoming The Silver Skull (Swords of Albion, Book 1), and the much praised Age of Misrule trilogy. Mark and Shaun discuss spy-fantasy, Mark’s love of history and mythology, and how Mark balances a fulltime television career with novel writing demands.

Feedback: This episode also features some long overdue feedback. Dawn writes to assure us that woman do listen to the show! Adam expresses his love for short fiction, but laments the inconsistency of quality in magazines. Sandra submits an inspiring voicemail and announces the sale  of her first professional story. Way to go, Sandra!! And James asks about what effect Scott Sigler and other podcasters are having on the publishing industry.

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  1. Hi Shaun and Sam! Sorry it took so long for me to post, no excuses really…

    Sam, I’ll definitely think of some costume ideas! I had an artist do a pic of me for my website/business cards etc, I’m going to get the outfit she drew I can walk around as me and hand out my business cards looking exactly the same as the pic. (it’s on my site) Other than that, I’ll have to do some brainstorming!!

    Thanks for playing my feedback, keep up the great work.

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