AISFP 91 – Tracy Hickman

An episode already? You betcha. Tracy Hickman joins us to discuss his new novel, Dragons Bard: Eventide, and his new endeavor.

Please visit Dragons Bard to subscribe to Tracy and Laura’s new novel and to receive a numbered, signed first edition hardcover copy from the authors. Make sure to tell them Adventures in Scifi Publishing sent you!

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  1. This was a fascinating discussion, Shaun. Thanks. I’ve been wondering how quickly we’d see well-known authors experimenting with major projects outside of traditional distribution, and here we go.

    I’m going to sign up for this Dragon Bard serial. It should be fun, and it’ll be neat to see how he’s handling it all. I’ll probably blog about his serial at some point as well, and I’ll link to your podcast for further info.

  2. Very exciting to find a fresh interview up at Adventures in SciFi. Always a top-notch show and I have missed in during the hiatus. Some of the best interviews on the web. I always enjoy them no matter whether its an author whose books I like or not. Glad to hear there’s more to come. Thank you, Mr Farrel.

  3. Shaun Farrell says

    Thanks for the comments, guys. Moses, I look forward to your blogs about Tracy’s new work. Jonathan, I have missed doing the show during hiatus. Much more to come, so stay tuned and tell your friends! Now’s the time to catch up on the backlog.

  4. That was an awesome interview! I can’t wait to see more and more fiction publication get pushed online and into these creative ways of distribution. What a great idea. I can’t wait to see how it goes for the Hickmans.

  5. And I’m very happy to hear that you’re not going to podfade! 🙂

  6. Shaun Farrell says

    Me, podfast? Never!!! Thanks for sticking with the show, Dan.

  7. This is a fantastic episode, I left a comment on Tracy’s post about it over at the Dragon’s Bard website. I am really enthusiastic about the project and hope it does well.

    I said at the end of my comment to Tracy that I’d have to think about putting my money where my mouth was, so I looked into the subscription options. What I saw saddened me.

    I don’t think this model will work with such high prices, not to devalue the worth of Laura and Tracy’s work, they are great, and the extra content and community surrounding the book is bound to be interesting, but I simply can’t afford the $65.75 price tag, which is the cheapest option for me here in the UK.

    I know you get a limited edition, signed book, but I’d never pay that much for, what is essentially, just one book, regardless of the extra content surrounding it.

    I’d love to see them provide cheaper options for just the chapters, or an eBook version at the end, and maybe limited access to the site. I’d consider a cheaper option, but would only really want to pay no more that £5/$8. If they had cheaper options, it would be good market research for this new paradigm to see what the uptake was on the various options.


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