AISFP 96 – Brandon Sanderson and Paul Cornell

Brandon Sanderson and Paul Cornell join us in episode 96. Brandon discuss THE WAY OF KINGS and how working on The Wheel of Time strengthened his writing skills enough to allow him to tackle the massive undertaking of KINGS. Paul discusses his work on Dr. Who, his new television pilot, and why he hopes to one day work fulltime as a novelist.

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Show Notes:
Some may wonder why I didn’t ask Paul Cornell questions about Action Comics. Truth is, I didn’t know about them! Though I very much enjoy comics, I am not well versed in them — mostly because of the time and investment they require. So, I missed Paul’s work on Action Comics in my research process. Obviously, not a very good research process. It’s a shame, because I would like to do more work covering comics, and I hope to have Paul on again to discuss just that: comics! Still, I hope Dr. Who fans enjoy the Who focus this interview provides.

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