AISFP 102 – Ann Vandermeer and Matthew Sturges

Sorry for the lack of introduction on this one folks, but I’m pleased to present my final interviews from Comic-Con: Weird Tales Fiction Editor Ann Vandermeer and writer Matthew Sturges, author of The Office of Shadow and Midwinter.

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Show Notes:
Ann Vandermeer and I discuss Weird Tales Magazines, anthologies, invented diseases, short fiction markets, content delivery systems, Predators, and what mistakes she most commonly sees in fiction submissions.

Matthew Sturges and I discuss comics, the financial realities facing many novelists, folklore, genre-blending, finding an audience, the anthology Masked, and the need for writers to plant thy butt in thy chair.

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  1. The Jerome Bixby movie Ann mentioned was Man From Earth and it is one of the best SF movies I’ve seen for a long time.

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