AISFP 114 – Stina Leicht, Daryl Gregory

Stina Leicht joins us from the World Fantasy Convention to discuss Irish fairy tales, shapeshifters, terrorism, Dungeons and Dragons, book-selling and pursuing her dreams. Then Daryl Gregory discuss the lack of religion in Middle Earth (no touched-by-Gandalf jokes please), writing short stories, novels, and comics, genre-blending, strangeness, and humor in prose.

This episode is brought to you by Heart of the Ronin, a novel by Travis Heermann. Ken’ishi is just 17 years old and an orphan after the mysterious death of his parents. He dreams of training with a master who will some day help him become a samurai. Traveling with Silver Crane, a sword that belonged to his father, and a dog, Akao, for a sidekick, Ken’ishi’s adventures begin after he murders a policeman and must flee. Just when he thinks he has escaped trouble, he saves Kazuko, the daughter of an influential lord, from a group of bandits. In return, he is asked to live in the lord’s house, where he falls in love with Kazuko. Forced to flee once again, Ken’ishi goes on a hunt to discover his past while fighting off warriors and demons, not to mention worrying about the bounty that’s on his head. Will he find out if his father really was a samurai or why the sword he wields seems to be infused with magic? Read the novel and listen to the podcast on

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  1. You know Daryl is pretty funny when Moses starts giggling as they talk about zombies.

  2. I really dig Daryl’s stuff, Charlie. If I could have one guy write a ton of fiction and only read one person for the rest of my days, it might be him. An outstanding writer with interesting stories and a great sense of humor.

  3. Loved the Stina Leicht interview. I am definitely going to buy her novel. I’ve yet to get a publishing deal, though I’ve had a bunch of short stories published, but her first novel sounds pretty special. I am a Scot, so Celtic fairy stuff absolutely appeals to me.

    And, if you don’t mind a plug, my short story, Dr. North’s Wound, is on the Hugo-award-winning now (show 176) alongside a wonderful story by Caitlin R. Kiernan.

  4. Shaun Farrell says

    Plugs are a way of life around here, John! Congrats on the Starship Sofa story.


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