AISFP 135 – Nathan Bransford

This episode is brought to you by MAYAN DECEMBER, the exciting new science fiction novel from Brenda Cooper.

Dr. Alice Cameron is a famous scientist devoted to studying ancient Mayan culture. In December 2012 she finds herself on the Yucatan Peninsula with her daughter, Nixie, fellow scholars, end of the world crazies, and even the President of the United States. It all sounds wonderful until Nixie disappears into the past. Featuring a handsome dreadlocked time-traveler, an ancient shamam, a high ranking Mayan couple, a computer nerd, and an eleven year old child, Alice must traverse the past in a search for the meaning of life and a way to save two worlds.

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  • Writer and Blogger extraordinaire Nathan Bransford joins us to discuss his fiction, blogging, the impact of a book’s release on the author’s life, working as a literary agent, the pressures of publishing, and much more.
  • Brent talks about his Bubonicon experience, which includes encounters with George R. R. Martin, Connie Willis, and Steven Gould, to name a few.
  • Moses heads to Dragoncon, where he hopes to give a thank you speech at the Parsec Awards, but the competition is fierce!

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