AISFP 138 – Pip Ballantine and Tee Morris

This episode is brought to you by MAYAN DECEMBER, the exciting new science fiction novel from Brenda Cooper.

Dr. Alice Cameron is a famous scientist devoted to studying ancient Mayan culture. In December 2012 she finds herself on the Yucatan Peninsula with her daughter, Nixie, fellow scholars, end of the world crazies, and even the President of the United States. It all sounds wonderful until Nixie disappears into the past. Featuring a handsome dreadlocked time-traveler, an ancient shamam, a high ranking Mayan couple, a computer nerd, and an eleven year old child, Alice must traverse the past in a search for the meaning of life and a way to save two worlds.

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Tee Morris and Pip Ballantine join Shaun to discuss their new novel PHOENIX RISING: A MINISTRY OF PECULIAR OCCURRENCES novel. Other topics include writing good comedy, the history of this project, their journeys through podcasting to small press to that island of big 6 publishing, writing deep characters, A GAME OF THRONES, social media, using ebooks to promote a traditionally published book, social media, The Shared Desk Podcast and the fact that sheep in New Zealand just don’t read like they used to.

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  1. Love the podcast. Never heard any of Phillipa Ballentine’s podcasts but will listen now. Keep up the great work.


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