AISFP 143 – Brenda Cooper and 47North

THE WORKER PRINCE, by Bryan Thomas Schmidt, is a classic space opera that has been compared to STAR WARS and portrays true heroes vs. true bad guys. When a young prince learns the truth about his heritage, the future of two societies hang in the balance. Oh, and did we mention space ships.

In the wake of Arbitrator Jonah Oliver’s interrogation of Jibril Muraz, a prisoner of UNPOL, his secure life disintegrates into one of lies, corruption, conspiracy and murder. Written in the vein of 1984, TAG is an exciting debut from a new author. If you enjoy utopian societies gone wrong, then you need to give TAG a look.

Bryan is the host and creator of #SFFWRTCHT on Twitter. He interviews science fiction and fantasy professionals every Wednesday at 9pm Eastern, and you can join in the conversation. Find Simon on Twitter, and visit his website for interviews with other indie authors. And, please, tell them AISFP sent you!

  • Our second weekend episode!
  • The boys talk about Amazon’s new science fiction and fantasy imprint 47North. Will Amazon favor these books in their prominence on the giant’s virtual storefront? Will booksellers, big and large, carry these titles? How much additional power does this consolidate into Amazon’s hands, or should we look at the glass-half-full approach, noting that there is another press for science fiction authors? We share some of our thoughts, what are yours?
  • Brenda Cooper, author of MAYAN DECEMBER, THE SILVER SHIP AND THE SEA, READING THE WIND, WINGS OF CREATION and BUILDING HARLEQUIN’S MOON (with Larry Niven) helps us introduce the Sponsor Showcase by discussing MAYAN DECEMBER, subversive science fiction, working with big and medium sized presses, futurism and more. It is a packed fifteen minutes.
  • Lastly, we have some feedback about Manly Vampires, and Moses started a Kindle Boards discussion to gather more recommendations.

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