AISFP 151 – Steven Erikson

In the wake of Arbitrator Jonah Oliver’s interrogation of Jibril Muraz, a prisoner of UNPOL, his secure life disintegrates into one of lies, corruption, conspiracy and murder. Written in the vein of 1984, TAG is an exciting debut from a new author. If you enjoy utopian societies gone wrong, then you need to give TAG a look.

What if you were a famous scientist and had studied astronomy and ancient culture for years?  What if the one time period that drove your career was December, 2012?  And worse, what if on December 14, your only daughter disappeared into the past in the Mayan jungle? Read MAYAN DECEMBER for an exciting fantasy, time travel adventure!

Find Simon on Twitter, and visit his website for interviews with other indie authors. Brenda Cooper is also on Twitter and blogs regularly at her website.  And, please, tell them AISFP sent you!

  • Steven Erikson sat down with Moses at the World Fantasy Convention to discuss his massive epic fantasy series. Topics include: the elements that cause societies to fail, readers fulfilling the Hero’s Journey through the accumulation of emotional context, the purpose of Homer’s work, inconsistencies in large stories, role playing games, feeling as if the muse had left him, and so much more.
  • THE BLACK GOD’S WAR, by Moses Siregar III
  • We also announce with winner of THE WORKER PRINCE giveaway.
  • BOOK OF THE WEEK. . . . is not a book, but a game from Wizards of the Coast: The Legend of Drizzt board game.

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  1. Splendid interview! Now I’m going to have to read Erikson…

  2. Fantastic interview. Love Erikson’s work, and glad to hear some of his thoughts and process behind it.

  3. Methinks I have a new author to add to my “must read” list. Good interview.

  4. One of the best interviews you have done, Moses

  5. Loved this interview! I am one of the Malazan readers that Steven talks about who felt a mind shift in how they view the world after reading this entire series. I am a prolific reader and while some books have given me insights, none can compare to how the Malazan literally changed my world view. I feel a connectness to my history and that of the human condition. I was happy to hear from Steven that he knows this has happened for many of his readers. I am so glad that he is continuing to write after finishing his epic series. Thanks for this very interesting interview. You did well with the interview for a reader who has not read thewhole series.

  6. Thanks, everyone. Ruth, it’s really great to hear from you! It’s inspiring (to me) to think of a series having that kind of an effect on a reader.

  7. Excellent interview. I have been telling my friends and fellow admirers of fantasy that this enormous series is indeed postmodern. That other than the subject matter, Erikson has more in commone with say David Foster Wallace and Thomas Pynchon rather than GRRM, Sanderson and Jordan. Myself being a lover of literary fiction first with SFF coming in at a close second, I couldn’t have asked for a better combination. By far the Malazan series is the best thing I have ever read.


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