AISFP 153 – N.K. Jemisin

THE BRAHMS DECEPTION, by Louise Marley, tells the story of Frederica Daniels, a time traveling musicologist who visits 1860s Venice and inhabits the body of Clara Schumann, lover of the brilliant musician Johannes Brahms. Will her travels threaten the career of Brahms and time itself?  The newest novel from Louise Marley is a time traveling alternate history praised by The Romantic Times and Visit her website to hear music samples that inspired the book.

Kaden is a teenage boy who can open wormholes to far away worlds. Aren can see into the memories and souls of those she knows. Together, they will be plunged into a world of war where their abilities threaten the existence of multiple universes. Charles M. Pulsipher presents THE CRYSTAL BRIDGE, a novel of science fiction mixed with just a dash of fantasy. Please visit Charle’s blog, and click HERE to visit his Amazon page.

Show Notes:

  • Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in AISFP land.
  • N.K. Jemisin joins Moses in two parts from the World Fantasy Convention to discuss her novels both current and forthcoming. Also covered: pajama parties, drinking from sippy cups, her writing journey, writing from the perspective of a god, how trilogies work, and much more.
  • News: We discuss Brent Week’s blog post regarding the expectations between authors and readers, in particular focusing on the Neil Gaiman’s comment that George R.R. Martin is not his readers’ bitch.
  • Bonus: How can you have that discussion and not play John Anealio’s great song on the topic.
  • Feedback: Victoria calls in to discuss Mike Stackpole’s “house slave” blog and reminds us to focus on the message rather than the presentation. And Paul clarifies what happened with the DreamHaven bookstore.

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