Commentary on AISFP 210: A Reader’s Taste and Novel-Worthy Story Seeds

Brent Bowen’s interview with Jo Walton, (AISFP 210), covered some interesting topics of discussion. First, though, a quick message about what I’d like to do with our AISFP community and website.

One thing I’d like to do with AISFP is get more content on the website to supplement the podcast interviews. This allows the listeners of AISFP to hang out and chat about what we love. The more people we have congregating here, the more value we add to the sponsorships that help keep this show afloat.

I am going through book reviewer submissions from earlier this year, and have accepted the first two I read. More will be accepted as I get to them. So, we’ll have book reviews for you to learn about new books and discuss them if you’ve already read them.

Another idea is to have a commentary post to go with every podcast. When I’m listening, I’ll pick out a few standout statements that I’d like to see explored further by our community. After a day or so, I’ll come and chime in with my thoughts. For now, you lead the discussion.

** Do I need to bribe you? ** Okay, I will collect commenters for giveaways from the books I’ll receive from publishers. The winners will get to pick from the lot.

Points for discussion:

  • Jo talks about the period her life as a reader’s life where she read voraciously because she was getting a feel for her taste in fiction. The books that stick out in this stage of life are the ones that shape what we love about fiction, probably for the rest of our lives. What books developed your taste? What is your current “taste” in fiction?
  • Jo talks about how Among Others started out as an idea that didn’t seem plausible to make into a novel. But she kept working on it, and found the right setting, a fun magic system, and a way to make the time frame interesting pacing-wise. This is more of a writer question, so how did you craft a credible novel out of what may not have seemed so in seed form? What was that story seed?

Thanks again to our sponsor for AISFP 210, “The Morning Afterlife” by Sonnet O’Dell. If remembering could bring about the end of everything, would you still try? Karrin wakes up on the side of the road with selective memory loss; she knows her name and age but nothing more about herself…. Karrin’s memories, however, could put her in even more danger and bring an end to everything she now holds dear. CLICK HERE to learn more.

*Note, we are still accepting sponsors, and have a deal going for sponsorships purchased by July 1st.


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