Audiobook Review: The Undying: Shades by Ethan Reid (Narr. Candace Thaxton)

The Undying ShadesThe Undying: Shades is a strong improvement from book one in an already good option for fans of post-apocalyptic horror. The character-focus engaged more, and strengths in the first book showed maturity and fine tuning. The series still lacks a little in so far as it isn’t among the best post-apocalyptic horror I’ve read, but Ethan Reid‘s trajectory of improvement from book one to two could put him in that company, if not in the final book of the Undying trilogy, then in books soon after. He did a great job with this series giving us a new setting and enough of a twist on the monster and “magic” to make this series stand out from the crowd.

For those who have read the first book, The Undying, (hint, don’t read on if you haven’t), I really liked the change in POV to Reny. His gift is the most interesting aspect to this world, and we get to see how that affects him and how he uses it as the underdog, youngest person alive. The “mother” is still involved and has moments that I enjoyed, but overall, buy gabapentin online cheap this story is mostly about Reny, and that’s a good thing. The gang that he goes out with for most of the story is also more interesting than the gang book one focused on. This made the deaths more impactful and created more of a thrill in the face of danger. I was truly surprised with how each person’s life or death turned out, and really was surprised through to the end.

The audiobook narrator, Candace Thaxton, is the same as the first book, and that’s great news. She does a stellar job with the French and is flawless everywhere else. She isn’t among my top five, but she’s good.

Overall, while the first book was good, it left me at times wondering if I’d stick with this series. This book has solidified my interest in Ethan Reid as a story teller. I’m not sure this series has enough character interest for me to make the next book a jump to the top of my queue purchase, but I like what I’ve seen from Reid and would recommend him as an author to look out for.

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