Spell Games, by T.A. Pratt

This book hits the ground running, finishing the conversation with Marla’s surprise visitor at the end of Dead Reign, and it never really slows down. B, our favorite oracle generator, joins the team as Marla’s new apprentice and from his perspective we get a training montage of Felport’s magical elite.

Heart of the Ronin, by Travis Heermann

Reviewed by Catherine Cheek. Readers who really want a good Yojimbo-style adventure need look no further than Travis Heermann’s Heart of the Ronin. This novel, which comes out in February 2009, is the first of The Ronin Trilogy.

Broken Angels, by Richard K. Morgan

Broken Angels stands on it’s own as a novel, but some of my favorite paragraphs are dense non-spoiler flashbacks that will leave you aching to read Altered Carbon.