AISFP 75 – Chris Roberson

Chris Roberson joins us to discuss End of the Century, Three Unbroken, multiple universes, comic books, Money Brain books, his literary inspirations, judging for the World Fantasy awards, his inclination to over-research, and much more.

Show notes:

Publishing News: Borders struggles to survive. Has bankruptcy been taken off the table? Based on the language in this article, it seems Borders is determined to correct past mistakes and stay viable.

A major magazine distributor is going out of business? David G. Hartwell points out that mass market books use the same distributors as magazines, and how much will Anderson’s collapse impact the book business?

Books: A number of great titles have come into the studio this year. We discuss some that most intrigue us, including WWW:Wake, by Robert J. Sawyer, and Blood of Ambrose, by James Enge. Visit our Books section to see everything that we receive.

Feedback: Lou Anders writes to share his thoughts on the show’s format and to clarify the discussion we had in episode 74 about endcap space in bookstores.

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