AISFP 104 – Anne Sowards and Clay and Susan Griffith

Penquin Editor Anne Sowards and writers Clay and Susan Griffith join us to discuss a variety of topics. Anne sat down with us  at Armadillocon to chat about the ever-changing responsibilities of an editor, advice for aspiring writers, and some of her clients’ upcoming work, which includes Jim Butcher’s recently released collection of Dresden Files short stories called Side Jobs. Clay and Susan discuss the challenging proposition of collaborating with your spouse, the challenge of writing comics, and their new novel Vampire Empire: The Greyfriar.

Mortimus ClayThe Purloined Boy is about a lanky twelve year old named Trevor Upjohn. He was stolen by a bogeyman right out his bed when he was just a wee lad. But that’s not what makes him special. What makes him special is he knows he was stolen. More than that – he wants to go home again. His care-givers, the Guardians, won’t hear of it. Worse, the bogeymen have other plans for him – plans too awful to even mention here. Fortunately for our hero the Venerable Guild of the Sun Eaters is working to save him. Even better, a talking mouse named Zephyr comes to Trevor’s aid and promises to take him home, but with one proviso! And just in case you were wondering, purloined means stolen! Read The Purloined Boy today.

Show Notes:

– Submissions for the art contest must be submitted by midnight, Wednesday November 24th. Simultaneous submissions are accepted, and we have received some great entries. Good luck!
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