AISFP 322 — Jim C. Hines

Guest interviewer, friend of the program and a “narrator” at the Unreliable Narrators podcast Cath Schaff-Stump roped “famous” Hugo Award-winning blogger and fantasy author Jim C. Hines into a chat for the show. They discuss Hines’ new book Revisionary and his experiences leading up to publication and clinging to the successes during periods of rejection. This episode […]

AISFP 319 — Paradise ICON Reading Part 2

Editor’s note: This episode contains adult language. Brent decides to bring his own brand of anthology work by featuring the talents of the Paradise ICON group of 2015 during their reading. Part 2 of the reading (begins at 9:17) features authors Doug Engstrom, Shannon Ryan, yours truly and Cath Schaff Stump. If you missed part 1, make sure […]

AISFP 318 — Paradise ICON Reading Part 1

Brent decides to bring his own brand of anthology work by featuring the talents of the Paradise ICON group of 2015 during their reading. Part 1 of the reading (begins at 41:30) features authors Ransom Noble, Christopher Cornell, Stephanie Vance and Jim Meeks-Johnson. We’ll share Part 2 in episode 319. In our Paradise ICON Reading […]

AISFP 317 — Matthew De Abaitua, IF THEN

 John Dodds chats with Matthew De Abaitua about his slipstream novel IF THEN from Angry Robot Books. John also reviews the novel saying, “If there is any justice, it deserves a nomination for the next Hugos.” This episode is brought to you by Cracking the Sky from Brenda Cooper, and published by Fairwood Press. Launching at Sasquan, award-winning author Brenda Cooper’s first science-fiction only collection treats readers to […]

AISFP 312 — The Grim Tidings Takeover with Victor Milan

Warning: The Grim Tidings Podcast takes over AISFP in this special episode where Brent chats with Rob Matheny and Philip Overby about the world of Grimdark, their new…ish show and they play a game of “How Grimdark is it?” Rob and Philip then interview Victor Milan, author of The Dinosaur Lords from Tor Books. This […]

AISFP 311 — Carrie Vaughn, Kitty Saves the World

Kristi Charish chats with New York Times Bestselling and urban fantasy author Carrie Vaughn. Carrie’s Kitty Norville series, about a werewolf who hosts a talk radio advice show for supernatural beings, comes to a close with Kitty Saves the World. This episode is brought to you by The Forgotten Prince from Josh Hayes. In book two of the Second Star […]

AISFP 309 — Peter Orullian, Trial of Intentions

Brent and Kristi talk with modern-Renaissance man Peter Orullian about his most recent novel Trial of Intentions from Tor books and, being that he works on Microsoft’s Xbox — most recently leading the music and entertainment marketing strategy for Xbox LIVE, of course … video games.

YA Bookclub special TROLLHUNTERS, ‘Horror Pack’ giveaway

This post was created in partnership with Disney-Hyperion, who has provided “Horror Fan Starter Pack” samples and prizing.  All thoughts and opinions are those of Adventures in Scifi Publishing, and other mentioned giveaways are provided by us or the respective publisher. One of my favorite things about taking over as Executive Producer of Adventures in Scifi Publishing has […]

AISFP 306 — Robert Brockway, The Unnoticeables

Brent chats with Robert Brockway, a senior editor and columnist at Beyond his penchant for making the internet chortle into its cornflakes, he’s also taken to fiction writing. The Unnoticeables hit shelves July 7 and Kirkus Reviews calls it “A nasty, freaky, and haphazardly funny horror story.” They discuss the novel, what Robert has against Iggy Pop and Mario Lopez, and a surprising must try craft beer. (Interview begins at about 31:45)

AISFP 305 – Karin and Patrick Weekes, Video Games (part 2)

Brent and Kristi chat with Bioware writer and editor, respectively, Patrick and Karin Weekes. They discuss the differences in working in that medium versus working on prose, including pioneering the romance wheel heart option in RPGs and including diverse characters in games. For those of you who haven’t heard Kristi fangirling on the show, the Weekes have worked on the AAA Bioware video game series Mass Effect and Dragon Age (interview begins at about 29:45).