AISFP 317 — Matthew De Abaitua, IF THEN

 John Dodds chats with Matthew De Abaitua about his slipstream novel IF THEN from Angry Robot Books. John also reviews the novel saying, “If there is any justice, it deserves a nomination for the next Hugos.”

This episode is brought to you by Cracking the Sky from Brenda Cooper, and published by Fairwood Press.

Launching at Sasquan, award-winning author Brenda Cooper’s first science-fiction only collection treats readers to human stories about the future. Meet a physicist who searches across timelines in a desperate attempt to travel across them herself, a young woman who tries to recover the magic of a trip on a river with her grandfather, a young couple who suspect their neighbor child is being raised by robots, and many more ….

Publishers Weekly says about Cracking the Sky:

This capable collection of hard SF stories … focuses squarely on worldbuilding, from the Pacific Northwest of the U.S. to the far reaches of space. Cooper works hard to center each piece on a way that technology has influenced human lives …. Those who love technology-driven stories will find a lot to like.

And James Van Pelt, author of STRANGERS AND BEGGARS, calls the collection “a masterful blend of hard-edged speculation tied to insightful evocations of the human spirit.”

Order it now!

In our Matthew De Abaitua episode:

John Dodds chats with Matthew De Abaitua about his slipstream novel IF THEN from Angry Robot Books. John also reviews the novel saying, “If there is any justice, it deserves a nomination for the next Hugos.”

In the show John talks to Matthew about:

  • Dystopian futures or alternate presents which mirror current day politics
  • Social engineering as a biological science
  • Time loops and the terrors of unending warfare
  • Being friends with Alan Moore, a fan of Prince and a lover of camping

Matthew can be found on Twitter and his website.

Before the interview, Brent gives a quick overview of his and Kristi’s whereabouts (ICON and New York Comicon, respectively) and how this portends upcoming episodes. Brent also encourages everyone to check out Kristi’s follow-up to OWL and the Japanese CircusOWL and the City of Angels.

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