SFF Book Releases – May 31, 2016

Love is back!… if you love angels, vampires, vampire angels, and the baddest boys of any species in romantic fantasy. Plus, we have some bad girls who kick butt and take names. And there are plenty of bad people in general to read about as well. Every good story needs a villain, right? Bad or […]

SFF Book Releases – May 24, 2016

Lots of magic and mystery awaits you in the SFF BOOK RELEASES THIS WEEK! Let’s take a look. Remember, If you’re an indie or small press author and would like your book included in this list, email us at adventuresinscifipublishing [at] gmail [dot] com. If you love free books, reviews, and podcasts, sign up to our AISFP […]

SFF Book Releases – May 17, 2016

There’s something for everyone in the SFF BOOK RELEASES THIS WEEK, and we mean everyone! Your new favorite book is waiting for you below. Guaranteed or your money back.* *You didn’t pay any money to us to access this website. Your refund is $0. We pay in gold pressed latinum. Remember, If you’re an indie […]

AISFP 323 — Faith Hunter

Kristi chats with USA Today & New York Times Bestseller author Faith Hunter. For those of you who don’t follow contemporary fantasy, Faith is the author of The NYT Bestselling Jane Yellowrock series, about a skin walker of Cherokee decent who can turn into any creature she desires and hunts vampires for a living… I’m not […]

AISFP 322 — Jim C. Hines

Guest interviewer, friend of the program and a “narrator” at the Unreliable Narrators podcast Cath Schaff-Stump roped “famous” Hugo Award-winning blogger and fantasy author Jim C. Hines into a chat for the show. They discuss Hines’ new book Revisionary and his experiences leading up to publication and clinging to the successes during periods of rejection. This episode […]

AISFP 321 — Jordan Stratford

At 2015 New York Comic Con, Kristi had the chance to meet and chat with middle grade SFF author Jordan Stratford. Jordan’s publishing story is spectacularly unique because before The Wollstonecraft Detective Agency was even written, major publishing and franchise players were bidding for it due to a 2012 Kickstarter campaign that went viral. Since […]

AISFP 320 — Erin Lindsey: When Mary Sue Failed the Bechdel

Kristi chats with author Erin Lindsey (interview begins about 41:15) about her recent article on TOR.com titled WHEN MARY SUE FAILED THE BECHDEL TEST and novel from her BLOOD BOUND series. In our Erin Lindsey episode: Before the interview, Brent and Kristi talk about their favorite genre-type things from 2015 and what they’re looking forward to in 2016. When Mary Sue Failed The Bechdel  […]

AISFP 319 — Paradise ICON Reading Part 2

Editor’s note: This episode contains adult language. Brent decides to bring his own brand of anthology work by featuring the talents of the Paradise ICON group of 2015 during their reading. Part 2 of the reading (begins at 9:17) features authors Doug Engstrom, Shannon Ryan, yours truly and Cath Schaff Stump. If you missed part 1, make sure […]

AISFP 318 — Paradise ICON Reading Part 1

Brent decides to bring his own brand of anthology work by featuring the talents of the Paradise ICON group of 2015 during their reading. Part 1 of the reading (begins at 41:30) features authors Ransom Noble, Christopher Cornell, Stephanie Vance and Jim Meeks-Johnson. We’ll share Part 2 in episode 319. In our Paradise ICON Reading […]

AISFP 317 — Matthew De Abaitua, IF THEN

 John Dodds chats with Matthew De Abaitua about his slipstream novel IF THEN from Angry Robot Books. John also reviews the novel saying, “If there is any justice, it deserves a nomination for the next Hugos.” This episode is brought to you by Cracking the Sky from Brenda Cooper, and published by Fairwood Press. Launching at Sasquan, award-winning author Brenda Cooper’s first science-fiction only collection treats readers to […]