AISFP 320 — Erin Lindsey: When Mary Sue Failed the Bechdel

Kristi chats with author Erin Lindsey (interview begins about 41:15) about her recent article on titled WHEN MARY SUE FAILED THE BECHDEL TEST and novel from her BLOOD BOUND series.

In our Erin Lindsey episode:

Before the interview, Brent and Kristi talk about their favorite genre-type things from 2015 and what they’re looking forward to in 2016.

When Mary Sue Failed The Bechdel 

On this episode of AISFP, Kristi chats with author Erin Lindsey about her recent article on titled WHEN MARY SUE FAILED THE BECHDEL TEST and whether opening the doors in the name of  having more inclusive female protagonists in SFF has inadvertently led to us swapping one unachievable stereotype for another.

TheBloodforgedErin Lindsey is the author of THE BLOOD BOUND SERIES, a fantasy epic that follows Alix Black – a warrior bent on saving her kingdom at almost all costs. Erin also writes THE NICHOLAS LENOIR series under EL Tettensor.

In the episode we talk:

  • Female Protagonists and the trends she sees in SFF
  • What things like the Bechdel Test actually mean and how to use them
  • Erin’s experience writing both male and female protagonists and the varying receptions
  • The fact that she started writing while working for the United Nations
  • Whether we’ve swapped one group of unattainable stereotypes in the name of another
  • How the WHO Bacongate relates to all of it (seriously, it totally does)

Erin can be found at Twitter and on Facebook.

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