AISFP 323 — Faith Hunter

Kristi chats with USA Today & New York Times Bestseller author Faith Hunter. For those of you who don’t follow contemporary fantasy, Faith is the author of The NYT Bestselling Jane Yellowrock series, about a skin walker of Cherokee decent who can turn into any creature she desires and hunts vampires for a living… I’m not […]

AISFP 321 — Jordan Stratford

At 2015 New York Comic Con, Kristi had the chance to meet and chat with middle grade SFF author Jordan Stratford. Jordan’s publishing story is spectacularly unique because before The Wollstonecraft Detective Agency was even written, major publishing and franchise players were bidding for it due to a 2012 Kickstarter campaign that went viral. Since […]

AISFP 320 — Erin Lindsey: When Mary Sue Failed the Bechdel

Kristi chats with author Erin Lindsey (interview begins about 41:15) about her recent article on titled WHEN MARY SUE FAILED THE BECHDEL TEST and novel from her BLOOD BOUND series. In our Erin Lindsey episode: Before the interview, Brent and Kristi talk about their favorite genre-type things from 2015 and what they’re looking forward to in 2016. When Mary Sue Failed The Bechdel  […]

AISFP 316 – Sam Sykes, The City Stained Red

Kristi Charish and Rob Matheny chat with Sam Sykes, author of the critically acclaimed novel The City Stained Red, the first book in his new fantasy trilogy, Bring Down Heaven. This episode is brought to you by The Forgotten Prince from Josh Hayes. In book two of the Second Star series, Fighter pilot Lt. John McNeal narrowly escaped […]

AISFP 315 — Rod Duncan

Kristi Charish chats with Rod Duncan, author of the critically acclaimed novel The Bullet Catcher’s Daughter, the first book in the alternate history series The Fall of the Gas-lit Empire. This episode is brought to you by The Forgotten Prince from Josh Hayes. In book two of the Second Star series, Fighter pilot Lt. John McNeal narrowly escaped […]

Interview: Logan Hunder, Witches Be Crazy

Robert had a chance to chat with Logan J. Hunder, the debut author of WITCHES BE CRAZY (Night Shade Books, July 2015), a whimsical and mischievous tale of courage, unconventional friendship, and persevering even when you’re completely out of your depth. It may also involve killer fish, sexy princesses, and rocks getting punched in the face. It […]

AISFP 307– Lou Anders, Nightborn

Brent and Kristi chat with Lou Anders, author of the two Throne and Bones middle grade books, Frostborn and Nightborn, which Kirkus Reviews described as a series that “future fans of Tolkien and George R.R. Martin can happily cut their serial- fantasy teeth on.” We also chat about the career switch Lou’s made from editor at Pyr Books to full time author.

Kristi’s Read, Play List

Hi Folks! Man, oh man was I sick after Norwescon. ‘Con crud’ I believe is the popular term…Any who, I’m back and ready to post what I’ve been playing and reading the last two weeks. Reading As some of you know I’ve been reading UNSEEMLY SCIENCE by Rod Duncan and managed to finish that this past week. This […]

AISFP 295 – Jennifer Foehner Wells and Jodi McIsaac (Part 1)

The discussion of whether to go the self publishing or traditional publishing route is delegated to writers who have been wildly successful — and often from those who started their careers five to ten years ago. Jennifer Foehner Wells, the science fiction author of FLUENCY,  and Jodi McIsaac, fantasy author of the THIN VEIL series, join […]

Kristi’s Read, Play List and Norwescon 38

Hi Folks! As some of you know, I was at Norwescon 38 this weekend as a panelist. It was awesome. This was my first time out at a conference as a debut author and GRR Martin was GoH. I repeat — it was awesome. Thanks so much to Norwescon for inviting me, and Philip K. […]