AISFP 316 – Sam Sykes, The City Stained Red

Kristi Charish and Rob Matheny chat with Sam Sykes, author of the critically acclaimed novel The City Stained Red, the first book in his new fantasy trilogy, Bring Down Heaven.

This episode is brought to you by The Forgotten Prince from Josh Hayes.

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Rumors of a new arrival bring the Lord of Neverland back to the city and he will stop at nothing to see that his power is unchallenged. His mission is simple: find the intruder from the Otherside, erase all memory of his existence and crush the resistance for good. 

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In our Sam Sykes episode:

The City Stained RedKristi Charish and Rob Matheny (who some of you may recognize as our buddy from The Grim Tidings Podcast and epically awesome sound engineer) chat with Sam Sykes, author of the Aeon’s Gate Series (Pyr Books), and The City Stained Red (Hachette/Gollancz), the first book in the Bring Down Heaven Trilogy, which was released late last year. Described as fantasy with a strong helping of dark humor, violence, and chaos, it’s received some serious high praise from the SFF community. John Scalzi has weighed in on Sam’s work before saying that he “Does not wish him dead.”

In the show we talk:

  • Sam’s Bring Down Heaven series
  • Grimdark (and why or why not Sam’s series toe the Grimdark line)
  • Privacy in the social media age
  • Working with different publishers
  • Fan/conference etiquette
  • The scourge of Hippos

Sam can be found on Twitter and his website.

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  1. It’s obvious to see that Sykes has been heavily influenced by his mother, Diana Gabaldon, even though he is at pains to avoid mentioning this. The two clearly share personality traits in common big time (arrogance) and this comes across in the interview and not in a good way.

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