AISFP 108 – Tracy Hickman

We follow-up with Tracy Hickman to recap his self-publishing effort with Tales of the Dragons Bard: Eventide. We discuss both unexpected events and what he might do differently with future projects. Also, we talk about Black Shore, other projects, Reindeer Gamer, and a military reader who gave Tracy a Purple Heart.

Mortimus ClayThe Purloined Boy is about a lanky twelve year old named Trevor Upjohn. He was stolen by a bogeyman right out his bed when he was just a wee lad. But that’s not what makes him special. What makes him special is he knows he was stolen. More than that – he wants to go home again. His care-givers, the Guardians, won’t hear of it. Worse, the bogeymen have other plans for him – plans too awful to even mention here. Fortunately for our hero the Venerable Guild of the Sun Eaters is working to save him. Even better, a talking mouse named Zephyr comes to Trevor’s aid and promises to take him home, but with one proviso! And just in case you were wondering, purloined means stolen! Read The Purloined Boy today.

Other books by Tracy Hickman:

Show Notes:
Self-Publishing is truly changing the publishing industry. Kindle, Amazon, iPads, iPhones, and other devices are making self-publishing a viable option for writers, and more and more readers are downloading affordable books rather than spending 30 bucks on a hardcover. We discuss Amanda Hocking, Valmore Daniels, Michael J. Sullivan and Chris McKittrick.

We also discuss recent feedback regarding Shaun’s reading-apathy (which has recently been broken by Mike Resnick’s The Buntline Special.)

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  1. I know there’s too many books with a girl in leather with a weapon on the cover, but wouldn’t it be cool if there was a cable channel with nothing but that?

  2. You might be onto something there, Tam. I think FX is a good candidate.

  3. Hello,

    Thank you for another great episode. I particularly enjoyed the conversations at the beginning and end. Nothing against Tracy Hickman, I’ve just never read his books. The new format is really working wonderfully and I’m glad I didn’t lose AISFP.

    In regards to Shaun’s Dilemma, I just recently wrote an article about “talented readers” and what’s on the shelf and how those two facts are interrelated. You can find it here:
    It presents some global solutions to the problem. As for personal solutions, I would suggest remembering Sturgeon’s Law, that 90%of science fiction is crap, and don’t beat yourself up for not enjoying it. It’s the book’s fault and not yours. Stop trying to read what you think you should like and start looking for that book that gives you that hopeful anticipation again, even if it’s outside the genre you are most interested in. I’ve found a lot of joy in non-fiction books of late. Just some thoughts.


  4. “Stop trying to read what you think you should like and start looking for that book that gives you that hopeful anticipation again …”

    Good comment, Benjamin.


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