AISFP 209 – Zachary Jernigan and Nick Sharps, Part 2, NO RETURN

Timothy C. Ward’s debut show as executive producer brings back reviewer, Nick Sharps, and author, Zachary Jernigan, to discuss Zach’s debut novel, NO RETURN, and how the MFA program at Stonecoast helped him write it. As we transition into Tim’s taking over the show, we are once again looking for sponsors. Send an email to adventuresinscifipublishing[at]gmail[dot]com if you would like to be a sponsor. Tim apologizes for talking so much in this interview, he does try and keep that to a minimum.

Episode Sponsor (complimentary): Iain M. Banks

I’m donating today’s sponsorship to honor author, Iain M. Banks, who passed away yesterday after battling cancer. Mr. Banks is best known for his space opera, Culture series. Before he passed, he finished his last novel, The Quarry, under his literary pen name, Iain Banks. The Quarry will be released June 25th (US) and June 20th (UK). If we can put together a show in celebration of Mr. Banks and post it on one of those release days, that would be great. Send the show an email if you have read his books and would like to participate.


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