AISFP 213 – Glen Cook, Part 1, THE BLACK COMPANY

Enjoy Part 1 of 2 with Glen Cook from DemiCon 24. (Listen to Part 2).

Thanks to our resident reader and fan of Glen Cook, Bryan Thomas Schmidt, for coming on to do the intro for today’s episode. In Part 1’s interview, Glen discusses the beginning of his writing career and the success that he has had as his fiftieth book gets published this July. He shares about his most successful series, Chronicles of the Black Company, such as the world, conflict, characters and what set it apart as one of the early stand-out dark fantasies. He also chats about his editing process and what he learned about writing between the series that he penned. His comments about how he lets his subconscious solve the riddle at the end of his stories was mind blowing. This chat with the writing journey of a living legend is not to be missed, and an incredible blessing for me to hear in person. I didn’t realize Glen was on AISFP 173, an interview by Bryan and Brent. Make sure to check out Glen’s fiftieth, and most recent, book, Wicked Bronze Ambition: A Garrett, P.I., Novel, which comes out July 2, (tomorrow).

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