AISFP 218 – DemiCon “Building a Navy” with David Weber and BuNine

David Weber, author of the Space Opera classic-in-the-making, Honor Harrington Series, says, “To write Military Science Fiction you have to understand how militaries work, or else you’re going to have holes in there that eventually you’ll be to throw a Weber-worth of missiles through.” To help us better understand how militaries work, he brought two of his BuNine associates, Chris Weuve and Tom Pope, to DemiCon 24 to discuss how to build a navy. Part two of this two hour panel will cover “Working with David Weber,” and gets into more detail about military strategy in the Honorverse, so stay tuned later this week for that episode. This type of information and the short novel David mentions, I Will Build a House of Steel, chronicling the early days of the Manticoran Star Kingdom when King Roger was a naval lieutenant, can be found in House of Steel: The Honorverse Companion.

You can also listen to David Weber on Episode 217, “Militarily Authentic Space Opera” with David Weber.

Part Two of this panel is now live on Episode 231, DemiCon “Working With David Weber”

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34 minute mark: One audience member said, “This really brings a level of understanding to the Honorverse that I didn’t have before.”

Love this quote from David (~51:11): “The more limitations the writer gives himself, the better the stories will be. Because the more limitations he gives himself, the more work he has to come up with ways to work around them to get to where he needs to be. And that makes for a more enjoyable story because you have to follow the characters dealing with the problems.”

Here’s the image of the slide used during this presentation:

Building a Navy

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