AISFP 240 – Tad Williams

Moses Siregar III interviews author Tad Williams at World Fantasy Con, 2013. His latest novel, Happy Hour In Hell is the second volume in the Bobby Dollar series.

More about Tad Williams:

TadWilliams200Former singer, shoe-seller, radio show host, and inventor of interactive sci-fi television, Tad Williams is now a full-time writer. His ‘Memory, Sorrow and Thorn’ series established him as an internationally bestselling fantasy author. The series that followed, ‘Otherland’, is now a multi-million-dollar MMO launching in 2012 from dtp/realU/Gamigo. Tad is also the author of the fantasy series, the ‘Shadowmarch’ books; the stand-alone Faerie epic, ‘The War of the Flowers’; two collections of short stories (‘Rite’ and ‘A Stark and Wormy Knight’), the Shakespearian fantasy ‘Caliban’s Hour’ and, with his partner & collaborator Deborah Beale, the childrens’/all-ages fantasy series, the ‘Ordinary Farm’ novels. Coming in September 2012 are the Bobby Dollar novels, fantasy thrillers set again the backdrop of the monstrously ancient cold war between Heaven and Hell: the first is ‘The Dirty Streets of Heaven.’

Tad is also the author of ‘Tailchaser’s Song’: his first novel spawned the subgenre of cats and fantasy that we see widely today. ‘Tailchaser’s Song’ is currently in preproduction as an animated film from Animetropolis/IDA.


  • Bobby Dollar appeals to crime fans and fans of his other stuff, nice world building
  • Bobby Dollar books are standalone books
  • Likelihood of movie for Tailchaser’s Song being made
  • Working on multiple projects and hints at his next epic series
  • Writing toward a market and how you learn by just writing what you want
  • “Learn how to turn an idea that seizes you into an idea that seizes other people. That is the most important. That is what will make you a successful writer —  more so than trying to find a niche and exploiting it.” Tad Williams (17:40)
  • How to make your genre blend unique by reading widely
  • How political views can affect your sales
  • Funny story about meeting George RR Martin
  • Allowing your subconscious to plot future books
  • Funny story about his first novel acceptance

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