AISFP 257 – Elizabeth Bear, ETERNAL SKY Trilogy Giveaway

Timothy C. Ward invited super-fan, Sarah Chorn, and the wonderful reviewer behind Bookworm Blues to interview Hugo Award winning author, Elizabeth Bear, who just recently finished her ETERNAL SKY trilogy. And the wonderful people at Tor are offering a giveaway of the entire trilogy to one winner with a mailing address in US or Canada. AISFP has added to the pool with a second winner getting their choice of any book in the trilogy as an ebook. Tim recently reviewed Range of Ghosts.

Eternal Sky Trilogy by Elizabeth Bear

Eternal Sky Trilogy by Elizabeth Bear

Giveaway details:

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Here are some of the discussion points:

What were some of the things she needed to have down before she started writing her stories?

Abjure the Realm” at Coyote Wild (free!), her attempt to “take the piss out of Celtic Fantasy”

How the first line of Range of Ghosts (Eternal Sky, Book One) popped into her head and then she had to build her story around the ideas it proposed in order to make it work.

What kinds of goods are traded on the Silk Road (question by Paul Weimer).

Her Steampunk Western with Sewing Machine Mecas.

Her third Iskryne novel, An Apprentice to Elves. (sequel to Tempering of Men and Companion to Wolves)

How long it takes her to write a book.

Why she can’t follow advice on how to write a book. )39m mark

The burnouts she’s had.

What she does to get the work done on days when writing is not what she wants to do.

What challenges she faces as a female writer of science fiction and fantasy. (harder to get reviewed as a woman; overseas markets that are male-dominated…)

Expanding your reading horizon to different genders and nationalities.

Avoiding being pigeonholed as an author. *And her trick about creating unique plots. (Undertow, her Oceans Eleven meets Little Fuzzy, caper novel)

Tips to keeping your characters from being cliche.

“There’s a thing that really bugs me in a lot of fiction where characters are too consistent… predictable; the cryptic wizard is always cryptic; real people aren’t tidy like that; you can live with someone for forty years and  they can still surprise you.” Elizabeth Bear (~56 min mark)

Timothy C. Ward
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  1. Jordan Ricks says:

    This was a great podcast. Thanks, Tim and Sarah! Elizabeth Bear’s work has been on my radar for a while, and I think her Eternal Sky series is just what this tired fantasy reader needs. Fans of this series ought to also check out K.V. Johansen’s silk road fantasy, Blackdog, which is a beautiful novel.

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