AISFP 283 – Jennifer Marie Brissett

Jennifer Marie Brissett joins Brent Bowen to discuss her first novel, Elysium. Also, Shaun talks about some new books that just came out, including titles by George R. R. Martin and Frank Herbert.

Baen_Eric Flints Islands This episode is brought to you by Islands, an audio drama based on a novella from Eric Flint, adapted by Tony Daniels, and published by Baen books.

A four-part, full cast audio play adaptation of “Islands,” a novella by Eric Flint set within the world of the Belisarius alternate history series created by Eric Flint and David Drake.(Running time: 1 hour, 28 minutes.)

Epic adventure, the horrors and glory of war, and the dawning of authentic love combine in this drama based on a classic novella of the Belisarius series.

751 A.D. The being from the future known as Aide has brought technology to Byzantine Rome in an attempt to oppose another nefarious A.I. from the same future. This is a Roman Empire with the telegraph, muzzle-loading rifles, and steam-powered ships. In the midst of this buy gabapentin online overnight uk transformed world: Calopodius Saronites, seventeen-years-old, and a Constantinople aristocrat who has gone to the front with General Belisarius to seek glory. And Anna Saronites, also seventeen, Calopodius’s wife by arranged marriage who seeks a life for herself outside the strictures of Constantinople society. As Anna journeys into the horror of war’s rear area hospitals and uprooted lives, she finds uses for her talents of which she never dreamed, even as her husband Calopodius remakes his life on the front after he is blinded by a terrible wound.


ElysiumTopics Discussed:

  • How Jennifer discovered the MFA program at Stonecoast thanks to our 2008 Clarion Series: Awesome!;
  • Narrative structure in Elysium;
  • Will Smith’s I Am Legend;
  • The potency of imagery in fiction;
  • The role that pain and suffering play in the development of an artist;
  • Trusting your instincts as a writer;
  • How the youth of New York city reclaimed their city through music and graffiti – fascinating stuff;
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Other books discussed in this episode:
The Collected Works of Frank HerbertThe Ice DragonThe Three Body Problem

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