AISFP 308 — Emil H. Petersen

Saga-eftirlifenda-III_Níðhöggur-2xwa69n572tqszcpyjv0neGregory Pellechi chats with Icelandic author and poet Emil H. Petersen at Archipelacon, the Nordic Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention held in Mariehamn, Finland. They discuss the difficulty of finding appropriate science fiction and fantasy terms in Icelandic, or the need to create them, the various versions of the Norse myths and Emil’s books. Emil H. Petersen is the author of Höður og Baldur (Saga eftirlifenda, #1)Heljarþröm (Saga eftirlifenda #2)Níðhöggur ( Saga Eftirlifenda, #3) and a forthcoming fantasy noir detective novel. All his work is currently in Icelandic though sample chapters of his work in English can be found on his website.

During the interview, Gregory and Emil discuss:

  • Archipelacon@archipelicon
  • Ragnarök and what comes after
  • Writing some of the first Icelandic fantasy and science fiction
  • Receiving writing grants
  • The differences of writing in Icelandic and English
  • Working as a community to determine genres terms in Icelandic
  • The differences in Nordic literature
  • And more.

Emil H. Petersen can be found at his website, on Twitter and Instagram. His bibliography is available at Goodreads.

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