AISFP 313 — Karin Tidbeck

Gregory Pellechi chats with Swedish author Karin Tidbeck at Archipelacon in Mariehamn, Finland. They discuss writing in Swedish vs. English, the ending to Mass Effect and the differences between live action roleplaying games in North America and the Nordic countries. Karin Tidbeck is the author of numerous short stories including the collection Jagannath, her stories have also appeared on and in Weird Tales, Unstuck, Shimmer Magazine, Strange Horizons and The Year’s Best Science Fiction and Fantasy. She is currently working on a novel about which she won’t reveal much.

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In The Karin Tidbeck episode:

Jagannath-book-coverPrior to the interview, Brent speaks briefly about Sasquan and his whirlwind weekend in Spokane. Listent to upcoming episodes for more to come about the Hugo Awards.

During the interview, Karin and Gregory chat about:

  • What’s involved in writing in Swedish and English,
  • Writing for LARPs,
  • The Mass Effect games and the ending,
  • What is Nordic Weird,
  • And plenty more.

Karin can be found on Twitter and her website. Her full bibliography is available on her website and at Goodreads. Jagannath is available from Amazon and other retailers.

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  1. Just a little comment on the No Award voting in the editor categories: I bet quite a lot votes are from people like me who normally would have skipped voting for that category entirely. This year I didn’t want VD to win but didn’t feel competent to judge between the rest of the nominees (from some I neither recognized the names nor knew whom they were editing, not to mention what and how much work goes into the editing proccess) hence I No Awarded the whole category.

    • Thanks, Anja, for that perspective. The situation this year certainly presented challenges for voters. We anticipate that could continue this next year, as well. Regardless, we appreciate your support in listening to the show and joining us on the blog. Best, Brent

  2. A treasured moment from the episode, which I shall take away with me: “Bergmanesque marines” – perfect. Apart from the no chess thing, that is.

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