AISFP 314 — Ninni Aalto

Gregory Pellechi sits down and chats with Hugo nominated artist Ninni Aalto while at Archipelacon in Mariehamn, Finland. Ninni is a Finnish artist who was nominated under the category “best fan artist” in 2015.

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In our Ninni Aalto episode:

Mechanical RabbitGregory Pellechi sits down and chats with Hugo nominated artist Ninni Aalto (interview begins at 50-minute mark) while at Archipelacon in Mariehamn, Finland. Ninni is a Finnish artist who was nominated under the category “best fan artist” a category she’s happy to be in given it was the only one not to be part of the Sad/Rabid Puppies kerfuffle. She is best known for her blog and book Mechanical Rabbit, her collection of stories Kas, Cat and her children’s story The Princess and the Miller. They talk about being nominated for a Hugo, working as an artist, the inspiration that can be drawn from nature and plenty more. Ninni was even kind enough to mention Adventures in SciFi Publishing in her comic about Archipelacon.

Before the interview, Brent and Kristi discuss:

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