SFF Book Releases – November 24, 2015

So here’s your SFF Book Releases This Week and I need to confess that it’s really, really tiny. Yes, there aren’t many books coming out this week (At least not books that I’m willing to post here!) So, dear authors and publishers, when you see this next bit of copy-pasted info, take it seriously!

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Cast in Honor
by Michelle Sagara
Book 11 of the Elantra series

In the aftermath of a vicious battle between darkness and light, the city of Elantra has emerged victorious. But Shadows continue to haunt every corner of its streets…

Elantra stands strong, but countless numbers of Hawks, the city’s staunchest protectors, were lost in the brutal attack. Humans, Barrani, Aerians, Leontines—none of the races emerged unscathed from the defense of the city. Homes were lost, families were scattered…and the outcast Barrani Lord Nightshade is missing from his castle in the fiefs.

Yet as the chaos surrounding the battle begins to wane, Private Kaylin Neya’s duties must resume, despite her grief. Called in to investigate a triple murder in a quiet part of town, Kaylin and her companions are soon embroiled in a case that is anything but routine. Evidence of the deadly Shadows that still threaten the city leads to hints of ancient, forgotten magics…and everything can be traced directly to Ravellon, the heart of the Shadows and the darkness they contain.

But it is there that Lord Nightshade will be found—if he still survives.

by Mira Grant
The third and final book of the Parasitology Trilogy

The outbreak has spread, tearing apart the foundations of society, as implanted tapeworms have turned their human hosts into a seemingly mindless mob.

Sal and her family are trapped between bad and worse, and must find a way to compromise between the two sides of their nature before the battle becomes large enough to destroy humanity, and everything that humanity has built…including the chimera.

The broken doors are closing. Can Sal make it home?

Outbreak: The Mutation
by Scott Shoyer
Book two of Dead Team Alpha/Outbreak

It has been two years since the deadly virus swept across the world sparing neither animal nor human. The dead outnumber the living, and every day is a fight for survival. Walt and a group of former addicts fight for survival in the remote area around Spicewood, TX while trying to devise a plan to get to a safer location. A group of humans, led by Dan Wilder and George Butsko, come up with a plan that can destroy the creatures that now walk the earth, but they need to make the deadly journey to Spicewood, TX. But something is happening to the millions of zombies worldwide. They are changing and becoming something even stronger, smarter… deadlier. The fate of the human race can be found in Spicewood, TX, but will anyone survive the new mutation that is changing the dead… Will anyone survive, Outbreak: The Mutation?

The Sea Is Ours: Tales from Steampunk Southeast Asia
Edited by Jaymee Goh and Joyce Chng

The stories in this collection merge technological wonder with the everyday. Children upgrade their fighting spiders with armor, and toymakers create punchcard-driven marionettes. Large fish lumber across the skies, while boat people find a new home on the edge of a different dimension. Technology and tradition meld as the people adapt to the changing forces of their world. The Sea Is Ours is an exciting new anthology that features stories infused with the spirits of Southeast Asia’s diverse peoples, legends, and geography.

Luke Skywalker Can’t Read: And Other Geeky Truths
by Ryan Britt

Pop Culture and sci-fi guru Ryan Britt has never met a monster, alien, wizard, or superhero that didn’t need further analysis.

Essayist Ryan Britt got a sex education from dirty pictures of dinosaurs, made out with Jar-Jar Binks at midnight, and figured out how to kick depression with a Doctor Who Netflix-binge. Alternating between personal anecdote, hilarious insight, and smart analysis, Luke Skywalker Can’t Read contends that Barbarella is good for you, that monster movies are just romantic comedies with commitment issues, that Dracula and Sherlock Holmes are total hipsters, and, most shockingly, shows how virtually everyone in the Star Wars universe is functionally illiterate.

Romp through time and space, from the circus sideshows of 100 years ago to the Comic Cons of today, from darkest corners of the Galaxy to the comfort of your couch. For anyone who pretended their flashlight was a lightsaber, stood in line for a movie at midnight, or dreamed they were abducted by aliens, Luke Skywalker Can’t Read is full of answers to questions you haven’t thought to ask, and perfect for readers of Chuck Klosterman, Rob Sheffield, and Ernest Cline.

Byron Dunn is an AISFP Contributor, a friend to werewolves, and would rather have ham than turkey for Thanksgiving. His favorite dishes, however, are stuffing and pink salad (it’s a Southern dump salad dessert made with cherries and pineapple. Trust him. It’s delicious.)

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