Book Review: HALF-RESURRECTION BLUES by Daniel Jose Older

In HALF-RESURRECTION BLUES, author Daniel José Older puts just the right amount of twist on familiar tropes, and brings a fresh voice to an exciting urban fantasy world. Older’s concept is simple enough: Our hero, Carlos Delacruz, is in between life and death, the only one of his kind–so he thinks. Within the first five pages, Carlos learns […]

Book Review: OF BONE AND THUNDER by Chris Evans

The first page for OF BONE AND THUNDER is dedicated to author Chris Evans‘ comrades in Vietnam. The novel’s prologue then takes the reader over a vast, eerie forest, where a flock of birds are promptly ambushed, surrounded, and eaten–by dragons. Vietnam has been portrayed many times across various media, and this may be the first […]

Book Review: WORLD OF FIRE by James Lovegrove

  The story you’ll find in James Lovegrove’s WORLD OF FIRE is a familiar one. A special agent has been recruited to find out what’s gone wrong on a planet with its own rules, political system, and no small amount of problems from its magma-rock mining infrastructure. Oh yeah, and there’s a race of AIs called the […]

Book Review: HOLLOW SPACE: VENTURE by T.F. Grant & Colin F. Barnes

HOLLOW SPACE: VENTURE is the first book in the Xantoverse series, brought to us by TF Grant and Colin F Barnes. This book, while highly unexpected, is yet another example of the powers of co-authorship. It’s also an example of excellent space opera. HOLLOW SPACE brings us to a world that is familiar, but not. When Sara […]

Book Review: ROGUES by George R. R. Martin and Gardner Dozois

George R. R. Martin and Gardner Dozois have produced many anthologies together, and I can honestly say the arrival of ROGUES had me the most excited. While initially, I had this book on pre-order because I wanted to read the story by Patrick Rothfuss, I was continually impressed by the quality of works in this […]

Book Review: WHISPERS FROM THE ABYSS – Lovecraft-inspired anthology edited by 01 Publishing

 Anthologies like WHISPERS FROM THE ABYSS don’t come around as often as they should. Edited by 01 Publishing’s Kat Rocha, this collection of “Lovecraft-inspired short fiction” is very atypical, for a few reasons. This collection comes at around 282 pages, not in itself unusual. But consider that this anthology sports a whopping 33 stories. Headlining these is […]

Book Review: WAKING THE MERROW by Heather Rigney

There’s a certain allure to debut novels. The more you read and come to know an author, the more you trust what they put out. Treading new waters, good or bad, is always interesting. WAKING THE MERROW, debut novel from author Heather Rigney, was an interesting experience. Unfortunately, the book fell flat for me, but I am still […]


Colin F. Barnes begins a new series with SALT: A POST-APOCALYPTIC THRILLER, and I have to say, he really scratches my itch for apocalyptic settings. The title is apt: while the world has ended, this is a thriller down to its bones, and the book’s best and worst aspects are a direct result of this. ***Giveaway […]