Magic Systems Panel from Phoenix Comicon 2014: Rothfuss, Butcher, Wells, Cole, Sykes, & Blackmoore

Filmed by Moses Siregar III, author of The Black God’s War, with Adventures in Scifi Publishing. A fantastic panel on Magic Systems (Epic and Urban Fantasy) featuring Patrick Rothfuss, Jim Butcher, Jaye Wells, Myke Cole, Stephen Blackmoore, and Sam Sykes. Phoenix Comicon 2014 Panel – Magic Systems with Butcher, Rothfuss, Wells, Cole, Sykes, Blackmoore ————————————————————— Last […]

Leprecon 38, by Saul Garnell

Leprecon 38 is a wonderful, yet small, Arizona based SF&F convention that takes place every year
around St. Patrick’s day. A report by Saul Garnell.

Conflux7 – Attendee Report

Saul Garnell shares his Conflux7 experience with our friends down under.

Shaun Was Here – A WorldCon Recap

Thanks to a good friend who offered me a place to crash, I was able to attend WorldCon this past weekend. I drove up to Reno on Friday, arriving around 1pm, and stayed until Sunday. So, what did I do, who did I meet, and what was my experience like? I’m so glad you asked!

A Report for WorldCon

Pointing out the trend towards fast, dramatized dialog, Stan made the case that modern SF panders itself to the less knowledgeable reader, and takes the genre away from its literary roots.

Comic-Con 2010

With interviews still forthcoming, here is a breakdown of Shaun’s coverage of the 2010 Comic-Con International.

World Fantasy Convention

The 2009 World Fantasy Convention recently concluded in San Jose, California, and we were there.

We Need Your Comic-Con Stories

We want to feature your Comic-Con experience!

Pictures and Impressions from the World Fantasy Convention

Catherine Cheek presents pictures of Martin, Lockwood, Kenyon, and more from the World Fantasy Convention.

Worldcon Report from Brenda Cooper

Brenda Cooper, author of The Silver Ship and the Sea and Reading the Wind, gives us a report from Worldcon.