AISFP Podcast 264 – Scott Nicholson, AFTER & THE RED CHURCH

Moses Siregar III, author of The Black God’s War, interviewed thriller/scifi author Scott Nicholson about his great success as one of the early pioneers of independent e-publishing, as well as his latest scifi thriller, After, and his best-selling supernatural thriller, The Red Church. After: The Shock – The first book in the AFTER post-apocalyptic thriller series from […]

Magic Systems Panel from Phoenix Comicon 2014: Rothfuss, Butcher, Wells, Cole, Sykes, & Blackmoore

Filmed by Moses Siregar III, author of The Black God’s War, with Adventures in Scifi Publishing. A fantastic panel on Magic Systems (Epic and Urban Fantasy) featuring Patrick Rothfuss, Jim Butcher, Jaye Wells, Myke Cole, Stephen Blackmoore, and Sam Sykes. Phoenix Comicon 2014 Panel – Magic Systems with Butcher, Rothfuss, Wells, Cole, Sykes, Blackmoore ————————————————————— Last […]

AISFP 180 – Jason Denzel

In this episode, we’re joined by Jason Denzel, founder of, the biggest Wheel of Time fan site in the known universe. Moses chatted with Jason about his deep involvement with the Wheel of Time series. Jason is one a small number of people who has already read A Memory of Light, the final installment in the Wheel of Time. We asked him for his review of the book. We also discussed Jason’s other projects, including his own writing and Dragonmount’s ebook store.

AISFP 148 – Joshua Bilmes

The first of our World Fantasy Convention 2011 interviews features agent Joshua Bilmes, the President of JABberwocky Literary Agency. Moses spoke with Joshua about his recent blog post that discusses whether ebooks are killing the publishing industry, which led to some discussion of agency model ebook pricing.

AISFP 130 – Moses Siregar III

We talked with our very own Moses Siregar III about his debut novel, The Black God’s War (just released). We found out about Moses’s sordid past (lots of D&D and coke, erm, Coca Cola) and how his rekindled interest in RPGs became the gateway drug for writing fantasy novels. Moses also revealed more of his inner geek, as he talked about how Robotech, The Iliad, and The Decemberists inspired him to write his book.

NEWS – Short Story Contest: Win an iPad or Kindle is sponsoring an almost too-good-to-be-true contest.  Submit a 2,000-5,000 word short story by September 10th, 2011, and you could win an iPad (grand prize) or a Kindle (given to the two runners-up). It’s free to enter the contest and every submission gets a free ebook by Frank P Ryan.

AISFP 118 – Patrick Rothfuss

Patrick Rothfuss joins us to discuss subversive writing, The Wise Man’s Fear, Dragon Age 2, and living on a desert island, just to name a few topics.

NEWS – Some Things I’ve Learned from Superstars

Moses recounts his time at the Superstars Writing Seminars. What did he learn from his time there, and what does it take be a bestselling author?

AISFP 113 – Brandon Sanderson, Dan Wells, Howard Tayler (Writing Excuses)

Brandon Sanderson, Dan Wells, and Howard Tayler of the Writing Excuses podcast discuss their journeys and their wildly successful podcast.

Free Videos from the Superstars Writing Seminar

Some of the topics on that YouTube channel include publishing myths, agents, self-promotion, increasing writing productivity, economics for writers, novel contracts, collaboration, self-publishing, networking, and many more (including Dan Wells on story structure).