Review – Mad Max: Fury Road

With lots of enticing Scifi movies coming out this summer, I took a chance on the surprising praise for the newest installment in the Mad Max franchise –and I’m so glad I did! It’s been so long since my mom’s infatuation with Mel Gibson led me to watching the older versions of Mad Max. All […]

Budget? What Budget?

Recently, British horror writer Ramsay Campbell drew the attention of a horror Facebook group to some low-budget horror films he appreciates. His suggestions were in reponse to the question that some people in the group posted, suggesting there had been few actually scary horror films in recent years. Similar questions arise for me in respect of […]

Movie Review: World War Z

World War Z was recently released on DVD and Blu-Ray, including RedBox and most digital services like VuDu. Based on the best-selling novel, World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War, by Max Brooks, the movie version follows Brad Pitt’s character, a United Nations employee tasked with finding the cure to the zombie […]

Netflix Pick: Ip Man

My brother is in town this week and recommended I watch Ip Man with him. I have seen the iconic cover on Netflix’s gallery, but stayed away because of how little patience I have for foreign films, subtitled films, and martial arts films that for some reason have developed a stigma of slow starts with […]