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2015sfexp400Carl V. Anderson is running a community read of all things Sci-Fi, called The 2015 Sci-Fi Experience. Wait, that isn’t just a month, that’s 2015… oh boy, that’s going to be huge. The reading marathon starts Dec. 1, 2014 and goes through Dec. 31, 2015. I’ll update this post with links to book reviews or related topics, and maybe recent thoughts on progress. We’ll see if I can get an image on the right side bar for easy clicking back to this post. If you’d like to add your blog to the community, head over HERE and sign up.

If you’d like something to read, I have the first two pieces of my serialized epic, Scavenger, a Hugh buy gabapentin 600 mg online Howey SAND fanfic thriller. I also have an anthology of Amish SciFi, Tales from Pennsylvania, set in Michael Bunker’s world of PENNSYLVANIA. Email me at gotbooks at gmail dot com.

Scavenger: Red Sands Scavenger: Blue Dawn Tales from Pennsylvania




My first review will fit in its entirety in this post.

The Deaths of TaoThe Deaths of Tao by Wesley Chu (Narrated by Mikael Naramore) (Tao #2)
Fantastic storytelling in this spy thriller about the underground civilization of aliens and how they affect the human hosts fighting for humanity’s survival. My favorite aspect is the main character and his struggle between saving the world and being with his wife and child and how Wesley amped up the conflict in book two. Can’t wait for book three.

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Timothy C. Ward is a former Executive Producer for AISFP. His debut novel, Scavenger: Evolution, blends Dune with Alien in a thriller where sand divers uncover death and evolution within America's buried fortresses. Sign up to his author newsletter for updates on new releases.

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  1. Congrats to you, Tim, and thanks for the shout out. Want to do an interview on my site and maybe a giveaway of something?

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